Thursday, January 12, 2012

So, to cover what most will already know.

That is, the small group of adherents who will come to this site, will likely already know what I've made so far, but if not, this is an archive anyway, so lets start off with the four main characters artwork.

Fatty Mclarge

Fyori Feyri

Giddy Goodwink

Galaxion Spooky
So there are the characters full portraits, now for their facesets.
I have made Emotion facesets as one would come to expect from my games.

0 = Content
1 = Sad
2 = Angry
3 = Ecstatic
4 = Confused/Disconcerted
5 = Shocked/Amazed
6 = Eyes Closed/Unamused/Disappointed
7 = Sly/Wink/Trolling

Fatty Mclarge
Fyori Feyri
Giddy Goodwink
Galaxion Spooky
So yes, that about covers them. The Character sprites are the last object on their list.




Okay, thats them covered, now we have some basic NPC's, in order; Steelforge Guard, Dwarven King Grall Greatbeard, and a Gizmo Peacekeeper.
And their character sprites.
Okay, thats all the Nadinean NPC's for now. Oh, thats another thing, the homeworld now has a name. Nadine, its inhabitants, Nadineans.

Like I said, thats all the Nadineans, It's time for the Galaxions to take a step in the spotlight.

First, there's the two directors.
Director Slik
Director Vind
And now for two other Galaxions, both of which play massive roles in the story.

Archbishop Shadi
Traitor Tac
And now the faceset.
And the characterset
Yeah, I've been busy, and we aren't even done yet!

Now we will take a look at some Galaxion Spacecraft, lets begin with the flagship
So yeah, thats the big boy, now for some less formal space craft.
The bread and butter of the Galaxion Myriad, over a third of the Myriad is comprised of these.

And now for the ships responsible for the organic sweep, and complete erasure of planets.
Yeap, they are literal as they are brutal.

Now for a speedy devil.
Also very literal, these ships are rather few in the Myriad, as they have no firepower, these vessels save as the loading system in the game, making loading a literal act of proper context, as your are loading a place in time where you left a chrono-beacon.

Okay, thats it for ships, now we have a game over screen, behold!
Phew! Thats everything I have revealed to the general public, stay tuned, folks.

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